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What is it?

This is a compilation of Atari Falcon 030 demos.
Demos are multimedia applications designed by skilled creators called sceners.
A demo shows what a computer is able of.
Most of the time, demos contain sophisticated programming, pushing the hardware to its limits.
Some people like demos for their artistic side.


What is an Atari Falcon 030?

Built in 1992, the Falcon 030 is the last computer designed and sold by Atari.
It is the Atari ST's successor but it didn't get a big commercial success.

There are two processors inside the Falcon: a Motorola 68030 running at 16 MHz and a Motorola DSP 56001 running at 32 MHz.
It can display 65536 colors simultaneously and the audio quality is 49 KHz on 16 bits in stereo.


Why Falcon demos ?

We have decided to encode Falcon demos for several reasons :

  1. Because demos are pieces of art, they are still interesting to see.
  2. For the Atarists who don't have a Falcon at home.
  3. For all the demo lovers in the universe.
  4. To demonstrate to all PC coders what a 16 MHz computer is able of.

Enjoy the Falcon demos!


Why DivX demos ?

Because DivX rulez :-)
More seriously, DivX codecs have a good quality/size ratio.
The codec for Windows has been put on this CD, with a very good player called BSPlayer.
Thanks to OpenDivX, there are codecs for a lot of systems : MacOS, Amiga, Linux, Windows...

Now some technical stuff:


Hardware and software used:

Used hardware :

Used software :


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